FAQ – Frequently asked Questions

How long does it take a free visit?

The average time of a free visit is about one hour;

How long does it take a guided visit?

The average time for a guided tour to the collection is about two hours;

Is there a cloakroom?

There’s a cloakroom at the Museum reception, free of charge;

Is it allowed to bring objects inside the museum?

The following items are not allowed inside the museum: back bags, bags, umbrellas, packs, food and animals;

Is it allowed to smoke inside the Museum-House?

It’s not allowed to smoke inside the Museum-House building;

Is there a security system at the Museum?

The Museum is surveilled by a closed television circuit and by security officers in the rooms;

Is there information in the rooms?

All the galleries have written information (that must be returned) in Portuguese, English, French and Spanish;

Can we take pictures / video inside the Museum?

Taking pictures / video is allowed inside the galleries;

What’s the image reproduction policy?

The site images are property of the Medeiros e Almeida Foundation. Authorization and payment are required for their reproduction with commercial purposes;

Is there a Shop at the Museum?

The Museum has a shop that sells reproductions of the objects of the collection  (for example in porcelain, silver or tin), merchandising products and the Museum publications.  The access to the shop is free;