Medeiros e Almeida Foundation

The Medeiros e Almeida Foundation was created in 1972 under the Founder’s name, António Medeiros e Almeida who donated to his country, the house where he lived for 30 years, as well as, his art collection bought all life long which includes clocks / watches, Chinese porcelains, painting, furniture, goldsmithery and jewellery, sacred art, sculpture and textiles.


The Foundation aims the study, conservation, and disclosure of its collection through the publication of books, catalogues and studies as well as:

  • To establish partnerships with national and international institutions, either public or private ones;
  • To become a dynamic cultural and social hub creating ties with the local community especially with schools;
  • To create an educational department and to stimulate the interest of young public;
  • To organize temporary exhibitions in order to maximize the House- museum patrimony interpretation;
  • To organize other exhibitions to disclose and valorise the House-museum and its collections.